Soul Searching Ft. Victoria Rae

from by Tully Stockton

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Lyrics written and performed by T. Stockton and V. Filter

This is one of the songs off of the release "I Am Tully Stockton"
Im trynna find my soul x2

(Verse 1)

From the 1st gear to the 5th
Im yanking on a stick shift
Trynna find my bliss
yo, the flow so sick.
Im making dents
me and Dex
be rippin it off the paper on the desk
most of the artists arn't even making any sence.
I stay working,
death is so certain
headaches are always hurtin
listen im on a mission called soul searchin.
Im in the grave yard
writting all my bars
my life is pretty hard
im on mars but I wanna be a star.
I quit blazin
I got the motivation
mad hunger like im craving mainstream rappers with some bacon.
On the mic
yo i got the appetite
no I never ever bite
Im creative when i write
I coud do this allll night
this music got me feeling good, alright.
651. here I come
on the kick and drum
from the tip of the tongue
Storming at 4 in the morning
lets get it done son!

Victoria Rae

(Verse 2)

Follow down the road
and your soul seems to grow
the more they go through
then the more that they will know!
The further you can learn
then the less that you will slow
some spirits some angels
some are demons. That just goes to show.
people need to follow one trail
you'll never get anywhere
if you follow someone else
but you can follow these lyrics
and you can read it like some brail
when your spirit floats away
then there is no more show and tell.
dam. I need to chill out
let people know what im bout
my soul just wants to shout
anxiety so de-route
I need those days on the couch
day in and day out
I feel im on a drought
so im watering till it sprouts.
A soul is immortal
so maybe thats why im doing this
I go into a portal
but stay here with this music shit.
I just wanna find my bliss
its all so ludacris
but my souls got me looking for it

Victoria Rae

(Verse 3)

I popped up at a basement
of an unfamiliar house.
Green floors postered doors
n it faces kinda south.
is this all a dream
or am i just spacing out?
I want some currency and
you can hear me raging out
im back to my ways
there was a lot of evil days
my spirit was enraged
it stays positive today.
I follow it
n chase it in the right direction
never bottle it
erase it n relieve a lot of tension.
Im getting to the place that they call my home
Minnesota so cold in the central time zone
I think the day I die
ill be proud of my soul
thinking about it ll make me cry
bro i never wanna go.
but you gotta go too
wish it wasn't all true
will I grow old with you
or with someone yet to bump into
I got faith I got hope
I got say I got flow
see me traveling this road
just following my soul

Victoria Rae
(Where is my soul)

no no no I dont know
what it was before
But I hope It wasn't sold
wherever it wants to go.
Imma follow down the road
because im following my soul. x3
released 01 January 2013
Recorded and mixed by T. Stockton @ The Bazement 2 (MN)
Beat by Ear 2 Tha Beat (Promotion Purposes Only)


from I Am Tully Stockton, released April 7, 2013
Produced By: Ear2TheBeat
Written By: T. Stokcton & V. Filter



all rights reserved


Tully Stockton St Paul, Minnesota

Tully Stockton is an American Artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. He is known for his originality of topics in hip-hop, a graphical point on real life material, and directing/editing his own music videos on youtube.

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