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Verse 1

This worlds pretty crazy..
in my view.
I try to sustain
but only you can better you.
Fuck a rap image
I care about being true.
ill never be a gimmick
Tully stocktons got the flu
cause I stay sick wit it.
dodging the dumb bitchs.
flossin flippin switches
that control my bass
when im whipping.
I have this crazy vision
people hear me when im spitting
put my life into this written
im firing like a piston.
your childish when you talk,
compare it to what brought.
tearing up the spot
repairing this hip hop.
This is all that have
they tell me I act black.
I cant rap.
I wont last.
fuck that i can attack
to the max merkin
you for a fact
im proud of who i am.
and i been making this plan
create movement like a ceiling fan
with only one span in the land
me rappin now isn't fun man.
feel its pretty saddening
when all i gotta hear
is whining and blabbering.
hurting my fucking ears!
play my shit rattling
lyrics blasting fierce.
im in the basement mastering
writing really severe!

Chorus X2

feeelin pretty good today
we all gonna go one way
we end up in the grave

Verse 2

I feel its embedded
straight forward like im a reverend.
im hoarding but infectin
alone in one place,
am i going to heaven?
idk don't know but for now
lets go to 711.
at the show we get em yelling
and im telling
all the people listening
we need keep this shit moving
keep the place jumping.
and keep the car booming.
theres one destination
and nobody should go there.
handing CDs out
and i popped up outta no where.
did people try to kill me?
so im staying real aware
if you know me member jimmy?
i aint plain fuck a square.
im just here to have fun
and make up some loud noise
didn't i tell you im the one
i aint playing with you toys
talk rap you are young
i been listening since a boy
plus im homies with some
major names that will destroy!
fuck having fame
and im used to all the hate.
i got the hope and faith
awake! It is my fate to be great!

Chorus X3

feeelin pretty good today
we all gonna go one way
we end up in the grave
released 26 January 2013
Written By: T.Stockton
BeatTape: Seven Deadly Synths
Produced By: Rc The Scientist


from I Am Tully Stockton, released April 7, 2013
Produced By: RC The Scientist
Written By: T. Stockton



all rights reserved


Tully Stockton St Paul, Minnesota

Tully Stockton is an American Artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. He is known for his originality of topics in hip-hop, a graphical point on real life material, and directing/editing his own music videos on youtube.

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