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Verse 1

I got a chore
to Lay some rappers on the floor
By speaking hardcore, setting a high score
I respect the art form
the best in the middle north
im progressing when i scortch
and neglecting any fords.
Compare it to a wolf(twolves)
or a (golfer) being (wild)
(Viking) on a bull I repped minnesota
since a child.
My tank is on full
I got bars for miles.
About to rule
every single beat thats in my files.
Drag it in the program
get this shit started.
bout to jump up on this beat
and straight up go retarded.
from this day on
the underground is bombarded.
plus, people don't know
that ive had lot of hardship.
so I built a shell,
haters can go to hell,
i'm puttin in overtime cause
you know I am compelled.
merking every rhyme
maybe under a spell.
possibly 4th kind
and from another realm,
up next to stars
Im driving up the blvd.
playing my cards
pushing harder then a mississippi barge.

Verse 2

next cd i'm about to drop
yep, you know its going down.
mother fuckers know me
I throw it down for the town.
fuck that, I do it for the state!
going across the country.
when they discover
my flow is harder then some rugby.
turn up the headphones
cause the radio is crummy.
Coming for the throne
im twenty and not a dummy.
I don't give a fuck about a label.
all you idiots probably under the table.
for now im making bankroll.
im new and it is painful.
so take acetametaphine
your style sedimentary
i'm coming up eventually.
your hatin cause I
rap way better then you but
Ive been writing shit down
since elementary school.
I don't freestyle but give me a pen
and Ill severe crews
my 6+10's a
better measure then dudes.
so take a step back
slay internet rap locals.
I'm coming hardcore
try and say it its a throat full.

Verse 3

If you got real bars
then im bumpin your shit
everyday we going large
bigger then a mothership.
sunny day on the porch
with a blunt or a split.
from minnesota to the shores
bump the hardcore mix.
you don't know how I do it
the notebook is full equipt.
its flowing like fluid
the levee is so legit.
when I brew it, I ruin,
cause my lyrics are coming sick.
plus you don't have a clue that
my arsenals full of hits. its
Hardcore like stones
or bricks creating buildings.
(you act like you don't know)
even though it is appealing
so I come repo.
Im catching And im realing.
Come into my store
my verses I am dealing.
but it will go up
im the captain so I crunch
overlapping all the chumps
when I rap it is my lunch,
so come far north
I am gonna escort
whack rappers off the court
I attack em hardcore!


from I Am Tully Stockton, released April 7, 2013
Produced By: Jake One
Written By: T. Stockton



all rights reserved


Tully Stockton St Paul, Minnesota

Tully Stockton is an American Artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. He is known for his originality of topics in hip-hop, a graphical point on real life material, and directing/editing his own music videos on youtube.

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