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from by Tully Stockton

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50 Cent Comic Book Instrumental


Batman rap
Im on fire
like my favorite comic book..
the fuckin ghost rider.
Super man sucks
im a fan of the Spider.
reading the X-men.
shout out to the writers.
dark knight (faces) is my
mother fucking shit.
I grew up in the basement
reading mad comic stripz.
I respect all the makers
form Marvel to DC.
I recommend all of the movies
and I never watch TV.
Captain America
is a definite favorite.
he will come and bury ya
underneath the pavement.
There popped Arkon
he coming to attack
but here comes the Wolverine
laying him on his back.
Avenge the enemies
when you put em all together.
sending the energy
leaving villains on a stretcher.
Call me Tully Stockton
I am invading your sector.
Im the rap maniac
reading comics, breaking records.
Get at me
do you know what im talking about?
Im reading comics all day
never leaving my house.
Getting faded every way
till I fuckin pass out.
Wake up, finish the sequels
with my girl on the couch.
Im headed to the store
Bout to pick up some Thor.
Lookin through the drawers
For the rare ones of course.
I wish it was the 80's
when shit was legit.
I wasn't around but
I can tell by reading this.
Cartoons, Comic books,
forts and riding bikes.
Lead to dirty ass looks
as the basis of my life.
I'm not a damn crook
cause my pant hang slight.
and I dont represent a hood
cause my hat is to the right.
call me Iron Man
Im stepping in the game.
my flows so big
like him It has a frame.
its one hundred for a collab
better come make a claim.
yep, you know its going down
just like The Punisher came.
Got a right hand man
Similar to Robin.
In the city pulling scams
then the super heros mobbing.
Flying over the land
looking for all the goblins.
Throwing em in the can
after wham-bam squabbing.
if your The Joker and
your trying come up with some trap.
Then ill hit you with a router
when I come and slay my raps.
If your girl invading
like the woman thats a bat.
Then I don't know what will happen
but for now just get my back.
Transformation every day
and wiping out in bulk n
Im Storming in a rage
Like the incredible hulk.


from I Am Tully Stockton, released April 7, 2013
Written By: T. Stockton



all rights reserved


Tully Stockton St Paul, Minnesota

Tully Stockton is an American Artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. He is known for his originality of topics in hip-hop, a graphical point on real life material, and directing/editing his own music videos on youtube.

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