Tully Stockton St Paul, Minnesota

Tully Stockton is an American Artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. He is known for his originality of topics in hip-hop, a graphical point on real life material, and directing/editing his own music videos on youtube.

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Track Name: Comic Stripz
Batman rap
Im on fire
like my favorite comic book..
the fuckin ghost rider.
Super man sucks
im a fan of the Spider.
reading the X-men.
shout out to the writers.
dark knight (faces) is my
mother fucking shit.
I grew up in the basement
reading mad comic stripz.
I respect all the makers
form Marvel to DC.
I recommend all of the movies
and I never watch TV.
Captain America
is a definite favorite.
he will come and bury ya
underneath the pavement.
There popped Arkon
he coming to attack
but here comes the Wolverine
laying him on his back.
Avenge the enemies
when you put em all together.
sending the energy
leaving villains on a stretcher.
Call me Tully Stockton
I am invading your sector.
Im the rap maniac
reading comics, breaking records.
Get at me
do you know what im talking about?
Im reading comics all day
never leaving my house.
Getting faded every way
till I fuckin pass out.
Wake up, finish the sequels
with my girl on the couch.
Im headed to the store
Bout to pick up some Thor.
Lookin through the drawers
For the rare ones of course.
I wish it was the 80's
when shit was legit.
I wasn't around but
I can tell by reading this.
Cartoons, Comic books,
forts and riding bikes.
Lead to dirty ass looks
as the basis of my life.
I'm not a damn crook
cause my pant hang slight.
and I dont represent a hood
cause my hat is to the right.
call me Iron Man
Im stepping in the game.
my flows so big
like him It has a frame.
its one hundred for a collab
better come make a claim.
yep, you know its going down
just like The Punisher came.
Got a right hand man
Similar to Robin.
In the city pulling scams
then the super heros mobbing.
Flying over the land
looking for all the goblins.
Throwing em in the can
after wham-bam squabbing.
if your The Joker and
your trying come up with some trap.
Then ill hit you with a router
when I come and slay my raps.
If your girl invading
like the woman thats a bat.
Then I don't know what will happen
but for now just get my back.
Transformation every day
and wiping out in bulk n
Im Storming in a rage
Like the incredible hulk.
Track Name: 000 Regrets Ft. Orikal Uno
Catch me banging in class
on the table
lyrics put together
clever odd angle.
create bankroll
because im on suspension
lifes painful
stages of repression
did i mention
it was goody on the beat
original sentences
wit uno when on the creep
speak deep
sow is what is reaped
peep what I mean
when I beam in a stream
wanna get out a rut
but somehow im fuckin up
now im all up in the cut
rap lyrics from the gut
i feel what i mean
don't always mean what i say
we think differently
and it changes everyday
I wanna appologize
for everything vie done
and look into my eyes
say we didn't have fun
Move to number 1
aiming toward the sun
Lyrical home run
C goody hit the drums.

Its all so confusing inside my head
This is what i do when I crawl into bed
fake hate instead
on my blood tears sweat
Im keeping it complex
triple zero regrets

Have no regrets and
don't look back
put up a fence
get on the right track
get off the bench
make it collapse
do you really want a benz
or a drop top jag
i cant say im the best
but i gotta start somewhere
im fillin up my chest
as if it was a tupperwere
pouring it out,
the little tea pouch
you hearing it shout
with the spout hot mouth
i don't remember much
december was rush
i feel i wanna cuss
painting pix with a brush
At any number stroke
at any given font
trapped by rope
but im strapped with the bomb
ppl come and go
its part of living in a storm
never try to slow
and plus what is the average norm
build art form
kill what is torn
milk when your born
to quilts and the mourn
Track Name: The Game 2
Theres people in the system
They keep fucking up
Not trynna go to prison
over stupid fucking stuff
Ill change my life
do whatever it takes
fuck slanging moving weight
imma do this shit straight
start sellin cds
need free mp3s
Ill keep it truly me
On some ill fuckin beats
jesse james on the keys
the flamest of trees
the jane enters me
and I raise the degrees
Im getting agitated
don't like me for who i am
I keep on fabricating
and designing out a plan
but i don't know where to go
yet i do know where i stand
I kill it with the flow
and I hustle for rubber bands
Bitches never answer
and Im so used to it
so i sit under a lantern
like i know i am the coolest
crap i fuckin blew it
in rap i am a nuisance
Im sick of all excuses
Im a beast like im confusious

I been on the ill shit since i
came in the game
asking me where i been
I been working with Jesse james
I leak into the brain
lyrics are so insane
i do it all mayne for the love of the game

Original rhythmic style
laying it on the beat
Im hitting all the dials
rep graffiti on the streets
visually laying verses
and i hope that you can read
I stepped in no rehearsing
we dispersing what i speak
its the t to the s.t.o.c.k.
yo im trynna get paid.
no delay
dragon flames i will spray
better back up when i lay
do you hear it when say
watch the spirit float away
Sick lyrics in the game
I could diss anybody that i want to
A quarter past six
don't let the haters haunt you
Searching for some bliss
and trynna eat some fondue
Looking at my wrist
i think its time to bomb you.
So i head to the basement
kicking whats in sight
penning with a flame lit
flickering in the light
getting agitated
in the center of the night
head shot when i aim
at the condenser on the mic

I been on the ill shit since i
came in the game
asking me where i been
I been working with Jesse james
I leak into the brain
lyrics are so insane
i do it all mayne for the love of the game

idk where it came from
i feel it in my chest
I do know when i flame em
you'll see me at my best
most go and play dumb
ill give it every breathe
feeling me when i lay em
this cd is a test
most of you heard of me
drop shit verbally
witness common curdosy
sick need some surgery
i collapsed in the booth
on the mic its an emergency
written raps in a school
anyway you can refer to me
as the one and only
tully stockton
I think my people know
I wont be stopping
droppings not an option
I know some people watching
so I kill it when im talking
it if im flopping
pushing forward cause im stomping
I feel it in my throat
we here to cope
was it i who really spoke
all thats left is tulle in a note
Im deceased now i reach
your nephew and your niece
carry on the legend of a lyrical beast
Track Name: Soul Searching Ft. Victoria Rae
Lyrics written and performed by T. Stockton and V. Filter

This is one of the songs off of the release "I Am Tully Stockton"
Im trynna find my soul x2

(Verse 1)

From the 1st gear to the 5th
Im yanking on a stick shift
Trynna find my bliss
yo, the flow so sick.
Im making dents
me and Dex
be rippin it off the paper on the desk
most of the artists arn't even making any sence.
I stay working,
death is so certain
headaches are always hurtin
listen im on a mission called soul searchin.
Im in the grave yard
writting all my bars
my life is pretty hard
im on mars but I wanna be a star.
I quit blazin
I got the motivation
mad hunger like im craving mainstream rappers with some bacon.
On the mic
yo i got the appetite
no I never ever bite
Im creative when i write
I coud do this allll night
this music got me feeling good, alright.
651. here I come
on the kick and drum
from the tip of the tongue
Storming at 4 in the morning
lets get it done son!

Victoria Rae

(Verse 2)

Follow down the road
and your soul seems to grow
the more they go through
then the more that they will know!
The further you can learn
then the less that you will slow
some spirits some angels
some are demons. That just goes to show.
people need to follow one trail
you'll never get anywhere
if you follow someone else
but you can follow these lyrics
and you can read it like some brail
when your spirit floats away
then there is no more show and tell.
dam. I need to chill out
let people know what im bout
my soul just wants to shout
anxiety so de-route
I need those days on the couch
day in and day out
I feel im on a drought
so im watering till it sprouts.
A soul is immortal
so maybe thats why im doing this
I go into a portal
but stay here with this music shit.
I just wanna find my bliss
its all so ludacris
but my souls got me looking for it

Victoria Rae

(Verse 3)

I popped up at a basement
of an unfamiliar house.
Green floors postered doors
n it faces kinda south.
is this all a dream
or am i just spacing out?
I want some currency and
you can hear me raging out
im back to my ways
there was a lot of evil days
my spirit was enraged
it stays positive today.
I follow it
n chase it in the right direction
never bottle it
erase it n relieve a lot of tension.
Im getting to the place that they call my home
Minnesota so cold in the central time zone
I think the day I die
ill be proud of my soul
thinking about it ll make me cry
bro i never wanna go.
but you gotta go too
wish it wasn't all true
will I grow old with you
or with someone yet to bump into
I got faith I got hope
I got say I got flow
see me traveling this road
just following my soul

Victoria Rae
(Where is my soul)

no no no I dont know
what it was before
But I hope It wasn't sold
wherever it wants to go.
Imma follow down the road
because im following my soul. x3
released 01 January 2013
Recorded and mixed by T. Stockton @ The Bazement 2 (MN)
Beat by Ear 2 Tha Beat (Promotion Purposes Only)
Track Name: My Fate
Verse 1

This worlds pretty crazy..
in my view.
I try to sustain
but only you can better you.
Fuck a rap image
I care about being true.
ill never be a gimmick
Tully stocktons got the flu
cause I stay sick wit it.
dodging the dumb bitchs.
flossin flippin switches
that control my bass
when im whipping.
I have this crazy vision
people hear me when im spitting
put my life into this written
im firing like a piston.
your childish when you talk,
compare it to what brought.
tearing up the spot
repairing this hip hop.
This is all that have
they tell me I act black.
I cant rap.
I wont last.
fuck that i can attack
to the max merkin
you for a fact
im proud of who i am.
and i been making this plan
create movement like a ceiling fan
with only one span in the land
me rappin now isn't fun man.
feel its pretty saddening
when all i gotta hear
is whining and blabbering.
hurting my fucking ears!
play my shit rattling
lyrics blasting fierce.
im in the basement mastering
writing really severe!

Chorus X2

feeelin pretty good today
we all gonna go one way
we end up in the grave

Verse 2

I feel its embedded
straight forward like im a reverend.
im hoarding but infectin
alone in one place,
am i going to heaven?
idk don't know but for now
lets go to 711.
at the show we get em yelling
and im telling
all the people listening
we need keep this shit moving
keep the place jumping.
and keep the car booming.
theres one destination
and nobody should go there.
handing CDs out
and i popped up outta no where.
did people try to kill me?
so im staying real aware
if you know me member jimmy?
i aint plain fuck a square.
im just here to have fun
and make up some loud noise
didn't i tell you im the one
i aint playing with you toys
talk rap you are young
i been listening since a boy
plus im homies with some
major names that will destroy!
fuck having fame
and im used to all the hate.
i got the hope and faith
awake! It is my fate to be great!

Chorus X3

feeelin pretty good today
we all gonna go one way
we end up in the grave
released 26 January 2013
Written By: T.Stockton
BeatTape: Seven Deadly Synths
Produced By: Rc The Scientist
Track Name: Hardcore
Verse 1

I got a chore
to Lay some rappers on the floor
By speaking hardcore, setting a high score
I respect the art form
the best in the middle north
im progressing when i scortch
and neglecting any fords.
Compare it to a wolf(twolves)
or a (golfer) being (wild)
(Viking) on a bull I repped minnesota
since a child.
My tank is on full
I got bars for miles.
About to rule
every single beat thats in my files.
Drag it in the program
get this shit started.
bout to jump up on this beat
and straight up go retarded.
from this day on
the underground is bombarded.
plus, people don't know
that ive had lot of hardship.
so I built a shell,
haters can go to hell,
i'm puttin in overtime cause
you know I am compelled.
merking every rhyme
maybe under a spell.
possibly 4th kind
and from another realm,
up next to stars
Im driving up the blvd.
playing my cards
pushing harder then a mississippi barge.

Verse 2

next cd i'm about to drop
yep, you know its going down.
mother fuckers know me
I throw it down for the town.
fuck that, I do it for the state!
going across the country.
when they discover
my flow is harder then some rugby.
turn up the headphones
cause the radio is crummy.
Coming for the throne
im twenty and not a dummy.
I don't give a fuck about a label.
all you idiots probably under the table.
for now im making bankroll.
im new and it is painful.
so take acetametaphine
your style sedimentary
i'm coming up eventually.
your hatin cause I
rap way better then you but
Ive been writing shit down
since elementary school.
I don't freestyle but give me a pen
and Ill severe crews
my 6+10's a
better measure then dudes.
so take a step back
slay internet rap locals.
I'm coming hardcore
try and say it its a throat full.

Verse 3

If you got real bars
then im bumpin your shit
everyday we going large
bigger then a mothership.
sunny day on the porch
with a blunt or a split.
from minnesota to the shores
bump the hardcore mix.
you don't know how I do it
the notebook is full equipt.
its flowing like fluid
the levee is so legit.
when I brew it, I ruin,
cause my lyrics are coming sick.
plus you don't have a clue that
my arsenals full of hits. its
Hardcore like stones
or bricks creating buildings.
(you act like you don't know)
even though it is appealing
so I come repo.
Im catching And im realing.
Come into my store
my verses I am dealing.
but it will go up
im the captain so I crunch
overlapping all the chumps
when I rap it is my lunch,
so come far north
I am gonna escort
whack rappers off the court
I attack em hardcore!
Track Name: Act Like They Don't Know
MC act like they don't know

This is the Hardcore Rap
Im commin to attack
Stepping on all the ants
Rockin nikes n 514 pants
Flippin and ziggin the page
my lips are getting decayed
from spittin it with the rage
grippin n whipping it when its laid
You don't know How i do
fan flow cause its cool
no so so im the truth
never fold in the booth
im headed toward lute
when i rip its non acute
call me godzilla
make ya shake n shiver
puking cause im sicker
then drunken 6 bottles of liqour
in 3 and half minutes
i got psychopath limits
like photographed pigons
im holy with my image
put the halo on my head
from the cradle to the bed
im the crator that imbeds
a little later. im ahead
you act like you don't know
that i can flow
im swinging with the blows
knock ya square in the nose
with rap im not playing
i begin to start spraying
burning you cause its flaming
spittoon fire like a dragon
torch the whole room
when i record my shit
all you hear is a boom
blow the spot when i spit
past fakes i zoom
Its tulle stockton in this bitch
you know how i do
better listen to the pitch
Give you 4 demonstrations
rip it make it banging
burp on billys basic saying
so notice beginning signs of raging